Membership details

An orchard has been established off Shenington Road in Tysoe. The orchard is for the benefit of residents of Whatcote, Oxhill and Tysoe and will be owned by those residents who become members of the Community Interest Company, WOT2Grow Community Orchard CIC, but for everyone to be involved with and enjoy.

The orchard covering two acres has soft fruit - raspberries, blackcurrants, red and white currants and gooseberries - approximately 20 varieties of apples (cookers and eaters), 3 varieties of pears, 4 varieties of plums as well as apricots, damsons, cherries, nectarines, peaches and nuts. Some cider apples and perry pears have also been planted. Although it will take a few years to reach full production there will be some fruit  each year.  As production increases year on year members will eventually have the benefit of fresh fruits from June until December.

There will be a strong sustainable and environmental focus in the management of orchard. Natural biodiversity will be encouraged and beehives introduced. Trees, bushes and canes will not be treated with any synthetic plant protection products or fertilisers. Pests and diseases will be controlled by natural means and by in-built plant resistance.


Each individual member  pays a joining fee of £25 which entitles them to vote on how the orchard is run and managed.

Managing the Orchard

Several of the orchard operations are carried out by its members. Examples are planting, mulching, pruning, fruit thinning and harvesting. Others such as grass mowing and site maintenance are done by members and other qualified individuals.

Members will thereafter pay an annual Orchard Management fee; although the CIC members / directors will decide the management fee each year at an AGM,

Orchard output

At full production each member should receive 1kg of fruit each week during the growing season which is dependent on such things as weather and yield. Surplus production will be donated to the infirm and elderly in the villages and to the local Care Homes and the Ellen Badger hospital. Also some surplus fruit will be sold to help pay for the running costs of the orchard.


For more information on membership please use the form on the page Contact Us